What is Fair Trade Coffee?

What is Fair Trade coffee?

Here at The Coffee Digest we carry many fair trade coffee products. So what exactly is fair trade? Fair trade is a voluntary program used by coffee importers and food companies. It is used to create an alternative market for disadvantaged producers in developing countries. Fair trade helps to promote fair pay and ethical treatment for the producers when they export goods to the developed world.

Developing countries face many obstacles, including few jobs, low value, and unfair trade deals. The fair trade programs works to create long-term commitments with these farmers. These commitments are a minimum of three years, this is done to allow farmers time to improve their methods of harvesting and growing. Producers who sell fair goods to a fair trade company are paid livable wages for their work, are educated about human rights, and are ensured safe working conditions.

Programs like fair trade help to build communities for many developing countries; schools in Columbia, community stores in El Salvador, and many more advancements for our ever growing countries.

Some of our Fair Trade Products and Brands:

Kicking Horse


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